Testing & Inspection Facility:

Navana Engineering Ltd has a well-equipped Quality control laboratory with all modern for Chemical, Physical and Mechanical Testing properties of basic raw material, Pipe, Socket and Galvanizing.

Quality control is the watchword and we believe that quality assurance begins at the raw materials stage itself. There is a reason why we source raw materials for plastic pipes from none other than prime producers from home and abroad. Materials are subjected to visual inspection and dimensional checks. Chemical composition and mechanical property are also tested to ascertain its conformity to relevant standards. The materials get approved by National and International Inspecting Authorities like ISO, WRAS, DIN, BSTI, BUET and RUET and many more assuring our customers quality and 100 per cent satisfaction in every aspect.

Research and Innovations

Our R&D team continuously strives to reduce various costs and increase operational efficiencies so as to enable us to deliver high and products with quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Grooved Pipes developed from 1” to 12” for sprinkler applications
  • In house coupler developed for Flux Filtering Plant
  • Special Additives developed for extra shine.

Chemical Analysis Testing

Mechanical Testing

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Hardness tester
  • Pipe Bending Machine.
  • Digital Impact Testing Machine

Non Destructive Testing

  • On line Eddy current testing units on two mills
  • Hydraulic Test for Pipe (From Size NB 15 mm to NB 500 mm) & Sockets

Spectrometer Testing

  • Spectrometer to Test Ferrous & Non-Ferrous (Zinc Base) materials
S/L Name of Tester
1 Melt flow index Tester
2 Material Density Tester
3 Heat Reversion TesteilHot Air Oven
4 Crush Resistance Tester
5 Tensile Strength Tester
6 Impact Strength Tester
7 Internal Co-efficient offriction Tester
8 Hydro static pressure Tester
9 E.S.C.R (Environment Stress Cracking Resistance) Tester
10 Oxidation Induction Tester
11 Muffle Furnace (Ashe Content Tester)
12 Carbon Content Tester
13 Digital Opacity Tester
14 VSP/HDT (Vicat Softening Point/ Heat Deflection Tester) Tester
15 S.S. Bath for Hydro static pressure Tester
16 Cool Chamber